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Make your stay an unforgettable experience!

Live the luxury of a modern
Hotel in a traditional and
friendly place
under the rocks of
Meteora in Kalampaka.


MHTE: 0727K113K0258500


The traditional
Restaurant - Kafeneio
is under guesthouse !

Need a car?

Use this button to make
a reservation and enjoy
10% off on every meal
at Platanos Traditional
Restaurant, plus free
big bottle of wine
and dessert.



Surrounding Area - Kalampaka, Meteora


A unique natural and cultural phenomenon worldwide protected by UNESCO. Only second to Mount Athos, Meteora is the biggest monastic establishment in Greece.

The huge imposing and awe-inspiring rocks were first inhabited by hermits who established the first monastic community. During the 14th century Saint Athanasios known as the Meteoritis organised the first monastic community on the Great Meteoro. Twenty four monasteries, lots of cells, hermitages and places of asceticism have flourished abundantly around the rest of the area for more than 600 years.

Today only a fraction of the monasteries has been preserved and still in use,  Great Meteoro, Varlaam, Holy Trinity, Saint Stefanos, Roussanou and Saint Nikolaos Anapafsas. Every day thousands of visitors from every corner of the world are given the change to meditate, pray, get to know monastic life and at the same time admire the awe-inspiring scenery, get into the spirit of the artistic, architecture and Byzantine Art and study the heirloom of our culture and heritage.



Kalampaka and Kastraki are situated at the feet of the holy rocks of Meteora in a pichinesque setting with helpful and hospitable people, vibrant with cultural events and modern and traditional facilities.

There are hotels and guesthouses, conference halls, rooms to let, campsites, Tavernas and Ouzo shops that offer a variety of traditional and local relishes and seasonal products that will make your stay an unforgettable experience.




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